Pig slaughter

Pig slaughter in Mexico

Aitor Garmendia
Tlaxcala / Mexico / December, 2014
Tlaxcala // December, 2016

In a rural town located in the state of Tlaxcala and when the day arrived, some of the members of a family have arranged to meet in order to carry out one of the killings that take place everyweek in the backyard of their house. Divided in three sheds with no light and of scant hygiene, about 30 pigs are breeded and exploited with commercial purposes.

According to the Farming, Cattle Raising, Rural Development, Fishing and Food Secretary (Sagarpa) of the Mexican Executive Power, in 2014 more than 17 million pigs were killed to feed the mexican population.

Sow in a gestation crate

Two sows in maternity cages. After being subjected to forced gestation, and few days prior to farrowing, the sows are immobilized in these iron frames. The objetive of these cages is to avoid the squashing of the suckling pigs and also to prevent the sows from turning around or moving in order to have a natural contact with her babies.

Pig behind the bars before the killing

One of the sows, exploited for reproductive purposes and inmobilised in the maternity cage, tries to lay down. The babies, awaiting next to her, will be separated forcibly weeks later and fattened for the slaughtering. The mothers hear and smell their babies located in the adjacent sheds, but they will never see them again.

Pig with a sack before the killing

It is six a.m. and all the partakers have arrived. Three men enter the last shed and cover the head of the chosen pig with a sack, so it could better be handled.

Pig with a sack before the killing iii

Pigs resist being captured. The sack is put on the head so that the pig can´t see and thus it is easier to handle him to the slaughter area.

Pig with a sack before the killing ii

Once the pig is in the slaughter area, he is hoisted from the hind legs withput previous stunning.

The pig is immbolised with a metallic contrivance hooked to its snout during the slaughter

When the pig has a big size he is immobilized and killed on the floor.

A pig is stabbed during the slaughter

The owner of the business repeatedly stabs one of the pigs’ carotid artery.

A pig is stabbed during the slaughter

Pigs are not previously stunned and agonize for several minutes.

Pigs of head after slaughter

Heads are also used.