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What is Tras los Muros (Behind the Walls)?

Tras los Muros is a photography and audiovisual project that puts the focus on the world of abuse and deprivation of liberty we inflict upon animals in order to make it visible to the eyes of the public.

Through photographs and short reports obtained on the inside of the animal exploitation industry, the project offers images for reflection and debate that challenge the relationship we have built with other animals.

Much of the activities in which I have been involved have been to boycott and protest against places where animals are exploited and confined, as well as investigate and document them. These experiences, where I have witnessed countless abuses, aggressions and injustices, lead today to the project Tras los Muros, the name under which I publish this work.

Due to security reasons, and the characteristics of the project, I maintain anonymity on the web. If you're interested in publishing any of the reports shown here, or some kind of collaboration, we can connect in person if necessary.

Gallery and reports are free for public use and dissemination

The project aims to gather quality images from different areas of animal exploitation (zoos, aquariums, farms, slaughterhouses, festivals, bullfighting, animal sales, farms, ...) and are made available for use by any activist, individual or not-for-profit organisation, on the proviso that they are used only in pursuit of shared aims and that the resource sare used to further the same goals as intended by their original publication.

For more information: terms of use of the images.

If you are interested to use these images in any other way than described, in an interview or to help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email:

The project in the media - Interview / reportage 
La realidad 'Tras los Muros', fotos para agitar conciencias - Photo-reportage on the slaughter of pigs in Spain
Fotogalería: la matanza del cerdo - Reportage on the overflow of Ebro river and the affected farms
La tragedia de las inundaciones del Ebro de la que los medios no hablaron - Photography on article about the overflow Ebro river
Uholdeetako biktima ahaztuak - Photography on article about the overflow Ebro river
El PACMA denuncia la muerte de animales por la crecida del Ebro y la ausencia de un plan de evacuación - Photography (made for Pacma) on an article about the bull slaughter in Tordesillas
El Toro de la Vega, un rito medieval cada vez más polémico - Photography (made for Pacma) on an article about the bull slaughter in Tordesillas
El Toro de la Vega demuestra lo garrulos que somos en España

Publiscopia - Interview
Tras los muros: “Para poner fin a una injusticia el primer paso es hacerla visible” - Interview / reportage
Tras los muros: historias de opresión y liberación animal en imágenes

Sociedade vegan (Portugal) - Interview
Tras los Muros – ativismo pelos animais - Participation in collective interview on the Animal Liberation movement in the Basque Country
Antiespezista eta politikoa
Spanish translation link. - Photography in an article on the throw of the kettle in Cazalilla
¿Dónde está la pava que dejó de ser noticia? - Article about the project
Tras los Muros, reflejo de la insensibilidad ante los animales - Participation in a collective interview on repression and "eco-terrorism"
Represión y amenazas a los “ecoterroristas” que liberan animales - Photographs in an article on animal sanctuaries
Lo dejé todo para montar un santuario de animales - Photography in an article on pigeon shooting in the Spain
Tiro al pichón: una crueldad que no es deportiva - Photography in an article on feminism and antispciesism
Feminismo y antiespecismo